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The Hunters 2011

Title : The Hunters 2011 DVDRip
Size : 450 MB
Genre : Horror
IMDB Rating : 6.9
Date Realish : 27 December 2011 (USA)
Stars : Steven Waddington, Tony Becker and Dianna Agron
Quality : DVDRip

The Hunters 2011 Movie Review
The Hunters 2011, in cinemas october 6, I have always found that there is a rough honesty behind Williem Dafoe, that can transcend almost any character. The type which may call for an isolated soul, a marginal outsider to come into the community to see their flaws, and be brave enough not only to demand chance, but to brace it upon themselves.

The kind of character that can change the world, knowing beneath that they will lose everything of themselves in the battle. That kind of character is Martin, a mercenary scientist (Hunter) sent in search of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. A man alone, with nothing but simple possessions and the temptation of money to guide him, Martin accepts the challenge with the condition that he be left alone. There is a feeling though, that the powerful company that has assigned him this project has too much at stake to leave it to a single individual who has little to lose.

However, there is much more to the isolated township than the possibility of finding hidden treasures. The townsfolk are lost in anger, and frustration which creates further marginatisation for outsiders. They know the agenda, and seem ready to defend what may well be rightfully theirs.

Yet, aside from the handful of assaults perpetrated against Martin to scare him away, and his lone journeys into the Tasmanian wilderness to find his prey. Martin’s story is a journey of discovery. Of one man’s understanding of what is really important in life, and the sacrifices we must often make in order to find ourselves on the right path.

Ergo, Dafoe’s ability to morphe from a solitary man, to the only man that can bring justice to the world.
Directed by Daniel Nettheim and based on the novel ‘The Hunter’ by Julia Leigh. It also stars Sam Neill and Frances O’Connor.

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